Override Snapshot

This script below facilitates the process of overriding the snapshot controller and snapshot command line tool. In short, by setting the data_src_pk1 for any record to 2, whether it’s a user, course, or enrollment, will allow you to make any necessary changes you want to that record without fear of it being changed back by the snapshot data pulls.

NOTE: This process is deprecated by inherent adoption of the SIS Framework. DSKs under the guise of the SIS Framework serve a lot less of a primary function and do little more than simply group records of similar types together(all courses from FA2014, all enrollments for Summer I, etc.).

Setting the data_src_pk1 to 2 for any record inserted by the SIS Framework will not have any bearing on system ownership.Blackboard has officially said that if you wish to avoid changes being made to records that you should use the field mapping and disable “Change on Update” for the desired fields.


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