Blackboard Content Exchange

The Content Exchange is a web form created to facilitate the use of the importExport tool provided by Blackboard in the installation directory. Using it is an essential for courses that are larger than 250 megabytes, as the GUI won’t let you restore or import courses from packages that are larger than such without timing out.

However, using it is not always the most efficient way to use your time. You have to create a file with the correct course IDs, file paths, arguments, this and that, and then you have to open a command prompt and change directory to the tool, remember THOSE arguments, and then wait. Life moves by so fast that you can’t afford to waste time remembering and fiddling with all of those details so I created a webform that simply takes in either 1 or 2 arguments, the course ID to archive or export from, and then, another to specify the file to pull content from if you’re doing a restore or import.

Below is a screenshot:



And the source below, sans form code:




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