SIS Framework Reference ID Checker

Checking the reference IDs that Blackboard sends back for pushing feed files to its endpoints is a real pain. So I developed a form to do it!

In SP12 Blackboard introduced a new end point for the SIS Framework dubbed the “data set status”. Honestly though, let’s be real: it’s still a pretty big let down. The thing that makes it not even worth bothering with is that the data it returns is very limited in scope and it runs along side the data that is being processed. So you can query the data set status and get the results while it’s still half way through a feed file. Of course, the data set status does tell you how many records are queued, but, if you’re in the development stage of migrating from something like the snapshot based integration to the SIS framework, you’re going to be doing most of your monitoring in the GUI anyway checking the logs. The data set status just doesn’t tell you anything meaningful.

But alas, for those who want to check it, fortunately I’ve eased your pains. Below is a quick sample of the version that developed for use at our institution. If anyone wants a copy there will be a downloadable link eventually for the version that allows you to enter your own domain, integration username, and integration password manually.



The default working directory for cURL is “C:\curl.exe”. If you need to change this, you can use the button above to point to the location of your cURL executable. The “Email Singular Results” button will simply email the results from the single reference ID that was checked, and, if you have a batch of newline return separated reference IDs you can enter them in the box below, check them all, and have the results emailed to you in a near instant. Very handy!

Here is what the public use version looks like:


Future developments planned are to make it so that you can upload your own list, or, at least save a list of integration usernames so you don’t have to manually enter them each time, along with the password if that’s shared amongst your integrations.


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