Blackboard Empty Courses Report

Below is a demonstration of an empty courses report program I developed. At the beginning of every semester my supervisor requests a list of courses without content so that the instructors can be contacted and notified that they need to get on the ball.

The definition of an empty course is a course that does not contain any items in its respective Course Files repository. All newly created course shells have an empty Course Files repository by default. A course without any imported or instructor created content will generate a file count of 0.

The easiest way to use this program is to select the types of courses you want to query using the checkboxes and then enter either single or multiple comma-separated terms. Click the “Get Courses” button to get a list. The below example returns all IN and HY FA2014 courses.


Use the “Copy List to Right” button to transfer the returned list to the empty text box on the right so that the courses can be queried.


Lastly, click the “Get Empty Courses” button to display a list of all of the courses in that list that come back with a file count of 0. This indicates a class that has not been touched in any way since its initial creation. Lastly you can use the “Copy Results to Clipboard” button to get that list onto the clipboard for easy transference if you wish.



Below is the source code:


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