Blackboard Activity Accumulator

Below is a Windows form application that allows you to query the activity accumulator table given a username and course ID. If the course ID is left blank then the query will simply return all recorded activity for that user.


Additionally, from this result set you can filter the results based on the column and the string you’re want to search for. For example, if you want to see all of the activity related to when the user navigated throughout a course you use the drop down list to the left of the “Filter Results” button, fill in the text box below with the course ID, and click “Filter Results”.


Lastly, you have the ability to output the results to Excel for easier formatting and you can even print the results straight to paper after specifying page numbers directly from the application itself without exporting to a spreadsheet.


Here’s a pastebin link to the source code. For whatever reason there’s some combination of chars in the code that causes the post.php to 404 when I try to update my post. I’ll come back and fix it once I have everything published. – Link will open in a new tab.

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