Blackboard Messages Report Builder

Below are a few screenshots and the source to a simple yet useful form application I developed for my supervisor. There are times, however few they may be, when an instructor’s accountability to student messages comes into questions. Fortunately for us there’s a way to go into a course’s messages and check everything being passed between users; messages sent, messages received, if they read them or not, and so on and so forth. We can even discover if there were attachments.

Going on the back end and searching for these messages isn’t the most intuitive for the less-than-tech savvy so that’s why I made this program.

All you need to do is enter an instructor username to get their pk1 value from the database, specify a course ID, and you’ll receive a nice Excel spreadsheet with all of the messages that were sent to them, the contents, who sent the message, and whether or not the instructor read it or not.



And click the Generate Report button.


I’m not going to bother publishing the code from the entry .cs file or from the designer file as it just includes references to the objects instantiated in the form class, so here’s all of the actual code that does the work.

DISCLAIMER: This is one of my first attempts at seriously trying to code and I did this well over more than a year ago and at the time I didn’t quite know as much as I do now. I also didn’t fully understand just how powerful Regex was and how to use it, but I do now. I’ll probably go back and fix this up eventually but for now the program itself actually works fine and the observable performance is great.


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