My name is Christopher Bruce and i’m a young IT professional with a driven, creative, and innovative demeanor. I bring an exceptional eagnerness to the workplace and a profound aptitude for learning trending technology quickly and efficiently.

I have so far accumulated 3 years of professional experience in the field of information technology exposing me to many different facets of technologies and many different walks of life.

I attended the University of Houston – Clear Lake and graduated in May 2012 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.

I am currently a system administrator for the enterprise class learning management system Blackboard Learn. This position has granted me the opportunity to become exposed to and familiar with many different types of technologies, including by not limited to: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard database and application server administration, T-SQL Syntax and Implementation, .NET Framework and C# Development for Console and Windows Form applications, ASP.NET web applications, HTML and CSS, and so much more.

In my spare time at the office I enjoy working on projects in Visual Studio using C# that allow me to express creative problem solving. Anything that gets me to think more deeply about a subject is something I enjoy every second doing. There are many tasks involving Blackboard that can be transformed from tedious to effortless and many of my solutions also make my co-worker’s jobs easier as well which is a positive byproduct of my efforts. In the end, everybody wins.

During my free time away from work I enjoy reading human fitness and physiology research journals and I actively partake in weight lifting 3 times a week, with an emphasis on the “big three”(technically four) lifts. I also have an active interest in psychology and while I may not subscribe to some of Carl Jung’s more spiritual ideologies, he is one of my favorite authors and his development of analytical psychology has really helped drive the field shy away more from the theoretics and more towards the practical and scientific.

Lastly, I consider myself to be a technology enthusiast, whether that be hardware or software developments. I stay up to date with the most recent trends in consumer and business technology ranging all the way from main PC components such as motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards, mobile devices(phones, tablets, & wearable tech) all the way to modern technologies such as Microsoft’s HyperV, Microsoft’s VDI, System Center, and even the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for workstation and server deployments. And yes, I even love Windows 8!