SIS Copy & Post Flat Files, Email

Below is my approach to automating the copying, posting, and then finally emailing(with the successes/failures) of the SIS feed files from our student information system, Datatel, to Blackboard.

First, this executable is called by a scheduled task on the application server.

The Main() method creates an instance of the Process object and then calls a Windows batch file I have in the appropriate directly, named scp_curl_sis.bat. It performs a secure copy using SSH2, performs a user and enrollment comparison(I’ll go into more detail about this on another page) to keep processing times down(the comparison only inserts new records into the database or updates records that have actually changed from the SIS side), checks for any overrides, and then finally pushes the feed files to the HTTP endpoints.

Below is “scp_curl_sis.bat”.

Please note that the shared username and passwords have been removed from the code below for security purposes. Also, the results of cURL executing against the feed files gets output to a text file which is then attached to the email that gets sent after this batch script is run in the executable above. After that, the feed files are moved from the working directory and then archived.


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